Tech Support
and Managed IT Services

"Providing the reliable managed IT services and IT support for our New York and US customers."

Does your IT-Managed Services require attention?

Growing tired of managing your current business technologies? Outages and countless of dedicated hours fixing the operations often causes your business to lose productivity

Here at Redentity, we adopt the ownership and responsibility to ensure your IT services maintain operations. Our stress-free approach allows your business to operate as it should.

Redentity offers managed IT services mainly within the New York City area for small to medium-sized businesses across finance, law education, non-profit etc. We remain focus within the main areas of New York boroughs, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Our company is focused on delivering technical success for our customers. We focus on the IT services, the IT infrastructure, the guidance, but more importantly, the people.

Poorly planned and maintained IT is an obstacle to business greatness. The core competencies of leaders and staff are squandered as they try to work around confused and compromised IT environment.

Let us take the wheel of your IT, so you can hit the gas on your business.

Our flat rate IT support from Redentity provides you the following:

Peace of mind

As problems pop up, feel free to reach out for us to take the responsibility

Estimate Budgeting

Based on the scope, our flat fee allows you to quantify the budget required to resolve unexpected issues

Fewer outages

As we resolve the issues, we will provide a post-analysis and provide how we can resolve future issues together

Redentity Tech Support focuses on both technology and businessto ensure growth of your business. Serving companies throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Downtown Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, the Lower East Side, the Upper East Side and throughout the New York City Metro Area, our delivery is focused on both short and long-term goals.

As we work in an information technology world, not all companies reside within the New York State area. We are also engaged with customers around the USA working around the 6 time zones.

Interested in the services we provide to our partners?

Do not hesitate, email us today at We can provide a free consolidation to help you better understand how we can assist firms streamline their operations and provide support when it is needed. Furthermore, once we understand your issues and concerns, we will be able to provide you a quote of work to achieve your objectives.

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Phone: +1 347 843 3514