IT Service Assessment and Evaluation

"Aligning your IT assets to your business operations"

Our Service Assessments

As a service, we provide an IT assessments within your organization, and correlate the results to your business operations and services. This will evaluate what infrastructure, applications, services are critical to your customers, clients, and partners.

IT Assessment

Assessing your IT assets and resources and identifying what is critical for your business operations

IT Risk Assessment

There is an inherited risk for every IT operation. Allow us to identify the vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them

Cyber Security Assessment

We provide our customers a periodic report of our cyber security assessment to identify risk associated to your services

IT Financial Assessment

We will provide proposals and alternatives to best optimize your dollars spent within your business.

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Assessment

IT services are critical for businesses to operate. We will identify the potential risks within your organization

Custom Assessment

If none of the typical IT assessments suffice, we are happy to accommodate your bespoke needs.

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